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ATV Tips

Here are a few ATV Tips on basic ATV related information:

How to install ATV graphics onto the plastics?


  • hairdryer (do not use a heat gun which gets too hot and can cause damage)
  • methyl ethyl ketone (M.E.K.) (special-purpose thinner, cleaner and remover)
  • spraybottle with water and 6 drops of soap
  • clean towels
  • felt squeegee
  • sewing needle (to remove bubbles)


  1. Read the instruction manual all the way through and get the tools needed for applying the graphics.
  2. Remove any factory graphics from your bike's plastics by hand. Use a hairdryer if necessary.
  3. Clean the plastics with a towel and methyl ethyl ketone and void contact with hard plastics (headlights, taillights, etc.) to prevent causing damage.
  4. Spray the plastics down using the spraybottle with soapy water and wipe them clean with the towels.
  5. Position the graphics to familiarize yourself with the pieces and the way the artwork will fit the plastics. Start off with an easy/smaller piece.
  6. With the spraybottle and soapy water, spray down the area you are going to apply the decal onto.
  7. Peal off the baking paper of the decal and apply the decal, sliding it around untill you have it in place.
  8. Squeegee out the water/airbubbles from underneith the decal, from the center outward, untill it is firmly in place.
  9. Use the hairdryer to make the vynil more pliable, to help dry the moister underneith and to speed up adhesion.

TIP: Try to keep your fingers off the edges of the glueside of the decal. Instead, grip it a few inches from the edge.

Be patient and take your time. Plan on spending 2 to 4 hours on installing your new graphics.

How to prevent air-bubble formation underneith gastank graphics

Krylon Crystal Clear Top Coat

On some ATV models air-bubbles can appear inbetween the gastank and the sidepanel graphics. This can happen because of vapors coming from inside the gastank going through the pores of the plastics, forming air-bubbles or gas-bubbles inbetween the plastics and graphics. You can prevent this from happening by applying 'Krylon Crystal Clear Top Coat' onto the plastics to seal the pores of the gastank plastic before installing the graphics.

Krylon Crystal Clear Top Coat is a fast-drying, high-solids formula that provides quick coverage, excellent weather ability and superior adhesion. It delivers a smooth finish every time making it ideal for indoor and outdoor projects, as well as other general purpose applications.

  1. First, clean both inside and outside of the gastank with for any good cleaner (ex. carb cleaner) and let it dry out.
  2. Optionally, you can perforate the actual graphics with little holes in case vapors still manage to go through the pores of the plastics.
  3. Next, paint the gastank sides where the graphics will be applied onto with 'Krylon Crystal Clear Top Coat' to seal the pores of the gastank plastics, preventing any gasses from escaping the tank, and let it dry.
  4. Finally, propperly install the graphics onto the tank.

How to remove air-bubbles from underneith graphics

The most effective way to remove air-bubbles is by pricking a hole into the bubble using a small pin or sewing needle. First, lightly heat the decal with a hairdryer untill warm to the touch. Then, poke a hole into each air-bubble and work out the air by applying enough pressure using a cloth or a felt squeegee.

How to completely and properly remove (ATV) graphics

1.7 Formula 12 Adhesive Remover Solution Goo Gone

When removing graphics decals from plastic, the main concern is not to damage the plastics. Use a hairdryer to heat up the graphics untill warm to the touch, before pealing off the graphics. If there is any remaining glue left on the plastics, use a product that won't damage the shine of the plastics such as WD-40, Goo Gone, 1.7 Formula 12 Adhesive Remover Solution, etc..

In some cases, a power washer can also do the job...

How to renew sun-faded (ATV) plastics


  • paint thinner (60%)
  • boiled linseed oil (40%) (not regular linseed oil!)
  • a cloth
  • cloves
  • respiration mask


  1. Make a mixture containing 60% paint thinner and 40% boiled linseed oil. That's 3 parts paint thinner to 2 parts boiled linseed oil.
    NOTE: Make sure it is BOILED linseed oil! Regular linseed oil would make it end up in a sticky mess, causing damage.
  2. Rub the solution onto the plastics with a cloth. This process works on soft plastics, not hard plastics like headlights plastics.
  3. Repeat the process if necessary.

The plastics will look renewed again and, if your bike is regularly exposed to sunlight, will last for about a year.

To help the renewed-look last longer, you can apply a coat of UV wax.

To take white stress-marks out of plastics that were flexed from impact, you can use a heat gun. Just be careful by keeping a good distance between the gun and the plastics and by not staying at any particular area too long to prevent melting the plastics.

How to repair (ATV) plastics stress marks

Simply use a heat gun (on low settings) and go over the stress marks in a consistantly moving manner. Do not hold the heat gun in one spot for too long. When the stress mark needs more heat to make it dissapear, be patient and come back to it a little later instead of applying more heat straight away.

Also make sure you do not come too close to the surface of the plastics but keep a few inches distance. When using a high temperature heat gun, keep an even greater distance. When not threading lightly, a ugly black smear of soot will appear.

Simply, take your time and give the plastics some time to adjust.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is a shop producing and selling ATV graphics?

- No. This is not a shop. But you can find shops that sell them here. Essentially, we went on a search for all the ATV graphic kits and decals we could find online and grouped them all together per ATV model to make it easier for you to find a kit for your ATV. We do not produce nor sell kits. You will always be buying at another location; a online ATV parts shop that stocks and sells them.

How can I buy a graphic kit I like?

- We do not sell nor produce ATV graphics ourselves, but each graphics kit listed on the site includes a reference link to the online shop that stocks and sells them. Please visit the referred shop.

Does produce custom ATV graphics?

- No. We do not sell nor produce ATV graphics ourselves. We merely gathered as many graphics kits we found in various ATV shops online and display them all togheter.

How can I get a price quote on certain graphics?

- You first need to go to the seller's online shop and contact them directly. Each graphics kit displayed on the site includes a reference link to the online shop that stocks and sells them. Explore their shop, find their contact page and ask them directly.

I'm from Europe. Can I purchase a kit too?

- Sometime. It depends on the seller's policy. Ask the seller directly or see if they have a FAQs section on the site dealing with questions relating national and international orders. Otherwise, find their contact details and ask them directly.

Why can I not find graphics kits for my ATV?

- If you can not find a kit for your ATV on here, chances are no company produces any for the ATV model you are seeking to buy a kit for. It could be however, that there is/are kit(s) for your ATV model available, but we haven't yet come accros it ourselves. If you find a kit (or perhaps many kits) we don't list on the site, do let us know. We'll make sure to update the site.

Why can not I find ATV graphics kits for my utility ATV?

- Companies rarely make graphics for utility ATVs. They do exist though and are produced more and more, since the demand is rising. When we find them, we will surely list them on the site.

Where can I find the reference link to buy a graphic kit?

- Look to the product details, underneith the graphics kit image, for a link next to "Provided by:" linking to the shop that sells it. Most of the time the link will land on an ordering page on the shop. Sometimes it will land on an overview of all the graphics that shop has to offer. In rare cases it will land on the shop's homepage. Hopefully, you will find the kit you want to buy quickly using the shop's search or navigation system and hopefully they still sell it by the time you want to buy.

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