ATV Tire Sizes Explained

How to interpret atv tire sizes - ex. "20x10x9"

Example: "20x10x9"

Let's see what the numbers in this Kenda tire size example "20x10x9" actually means.

ATV Tire Size

In this example, 20 stands for TIRE HEIGHT and is equal to 20 inches
In this example, 10 stands for TIRE WIDTH and is equal to 10 inches
In this example, 9 stands for RIM HEIGHT and is equal to 9 inches

A tire size notation of "20x10x9" represents "TIRE-HEIGHT x TIRE-WIDTH x RIM-HEIGHT" in inches.

So if you are looking to buy new tires, make sure they fit your current ATV rims. Simply look at the last number in "20x10x9", which means this tire will fit a rim of 9 inches in height. See the article on atv wheel sizes explained.

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