ATV Wheel Lug/Bolt Pattern Explained

How to interpret atv wheel lug/bolt pattern - ex. "4/115"

Example: "4/115"

Let's get to understand what the numbers is this wheel lug/bolt pattern example mean.

Wheel lug/bolt Pattern

A wheel bolt pattern or bolt circle is the diamter of an imaginary circle, indicated by the centers of the wheel lugs. A wheel lug/bolt pattern of 4/115 represents a 4-lug pattern on a circle with diameter of 115 millimeters.

Lug/Bolt Pattern 4/115 4 = number of lugs
115 mm = diagonal distance between the lugs in mm (millimeters)

Usually the wheel lug/bolt pattern is shown together with the atv wheel size. For example "9x5 (3+2) 4/115".

The wheel lug/bolt pattern is important when you plan to buy wheel spacers, because you don't want to buy spacers that don't fit the wheel hubs.

It is also neat to know when you plan to buy or sell your wheels, because they may possibity also fit wheel hubs of other ATV models. For example, you have a Yamaha RAPTOR 660 and want to sell a set of rear wheels with a wheel lug/bolt pattern of 4/115... As you can see on the atv tire/wheel/bolt pattern chart the Yamaha YFZ 450 also has a lug/bolt pattern of 4/155. So, since the RAPTOR 660 rear wheels also fit YFZ 450 rear wheel hubs, you can sell them to interested YFZ 450 owners as well.

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