How to Check an ATV's Oil Level

How to check the ATV's oil level and when

The oil determins how long your 4-stroke ATV will last. Check it after each ride...

Here's how:

  • Before you check the oil level, start your engine and let it turn for a minute or 2 before you shut it down again.
  • Screw out the oil dipstick.
  • Clean it with a clean cloth and screw it back in. The way you put the dipstick back in depends on the ATV model you own. I suggest you look it up in your owners manual. Some models require you to put the dipstick back in screwing it tight till the end. Other models require you to put the dipstick back in without screwing it tight till the end.
  • Take the dipstick out again and read where your oil level is at.

When you are reading the oil level, it should be near max. Never on max. Always make sure the level is close to maxiumum and never below the minimum.

Here's when:

Renew oil when one of these 2 criteria are met:

  • the oil is black
  • the oil level is below minimum

What else?

  • Too much oil (above max) is a big NO. Your engine will take in this abundance of oil into its combustion chambre. If your ATV is emitting white smoke, it's running on too much oil.
  • Too little oil (below min) on the other hand is an even bigger NO. Chances are you'll wear off your engine and, even worst, pulling your engine.
  • Never add oil. Always renew oil!

That's what you should know if you are checking the oil level to determin if you should renew the oil or not. Here's an article on how to renew the ATV's oil.

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