How to Cut ATV Fenders

How to cut ATV fenders


  • masking tape or pen
  • angle grinder
  • 150 grid sandpaper
  • block of wood
  • 1000 grid sandpaper (or: dremel, die grinder, torch, heat gun)


First, apply masking tape to outline the edges you are planning to cut along.

how to cut atv fenders

You could also use a pen to draw lines on the fender you want to cut along. But in this example, we will be using masking take. On the picture you see two blue tape strips; a long strip along a vertical path and a smaller strip along a horizontal path. At the long vertical strip we are going to cut along the left side of the tape. At the small horizontal strip we are going to cut along the top of the tape.

The best tool for the jobs is a angle grinder with a cutting wheel. Alternative cutting tools can be an electric saw with a fine blade, a sawzall, a dremel drill with cutting wheel, a box cutter or a razor blade. Wear safety goggles when cutting with machinery.

  • Start cutting along the edges... Try to cut as consistantly as possible to avoid straying from the path.
  • When you have cut of a piece, remove the masking tape along that line.
  • When all lines are cut, fisnish the edges wet sandpaper. Use 150 grid sandpaper and wrap it around a flat block of wood to smooth out the edges.

Creating perfect round edges

  • Or, use fine grid (1000) sandpaper to smooth out the edges.
  • Or, use a Dremel with a sanding wheel on it or a die grinder with a 3M pad to smooth it out.
  • Or, use a torch or a heat gun (on low settings) to lightly heat the edges you have cut. When using a torch or powerfull heat gun, do not come too close to the plastics and do not heat in one spot for too long or an ugly black smear of soot will appear. By heating it up a little you will see the edges start to round and bring back its royal color. If done right, you will end up with a really nice and clean factory-look round edge.
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