How to Remove Rust

How to prevent rust

If you live where it snows alot, chances are you have seen more than your share of rusted-out spots. (frame, exhaust, etc.) Rust isn't just ugly, it also reduces the atv's structural strength and increases the risk of accidents.

You can prevent rust using WD40. Making sure parts on the bike are a bit greasy protects them against salt and rust in general.
You can spray some WD40 on the frame, engine, shocks, a-arms, swing arm, exhaust and radiator. But never spray on the brakediscs.

Finasol is also a good product for it. It is used on engines and rubber hoses giving back that brand new look. Put it on, let it set and wash it off.

Autumn tip

Be sure to give the rustsensitive components on your bike a rustpreventing coat of WD40, before the first snowfall.

Winter tips

  • Never leave atv uncleaned with snow hanging on. Brush it off.
  • Never clean off snow with water if it's freezing.
  • When it's freezing, it is better to park the ATV outside, since a warm garage melts the snow and ice stuck to the atv and allows the embedded salt to start its destructive work on the belly of the frame.

Spring tip

When the snow is gone for good, check the atv for signs of rust. Remember, once rust starts, it only gets worse, so fight any rust-spots with a llittle sanding and a coat of paint.

How to remove rust

Prepare for rust removal

The surface must be cleaned of all loose and flaking rust and paint.


Sandblasting is the easiest, quickest way to remove old paint and rust from metal. Compressed air at high pressure is used to blow fine sand or other abrasive material through a hardened spray nozzle and quickly "blasts" away whatever the blast material hits.

Wire brush sanding

Use a hand brush or a wire wheel brush and drill. Normally a few quick passes will remove the loose material. If the surface is to be finished in a smooth painted finish then the wire brushing should be followed up with a complete sanding until it is smooth and free of defects. Normally a rough sanding with 80 grit sandpaper followed by a finner sanding with 120 grit does an adequate job. Holes, cracks, etc. should be filled first with an auto body filler material if you are going for a top quality finish.

Household rust removers

Acid liquids, like coca-cola and apple cider vinegar, dissolve rust well.

Surface preparation is key. Always prep rusted surfaces first, than apply a rust converter or metal primer and finish with one or two coats of rust inhibiting enamel.

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