Prevent Grips From Sliding Off

How to prevent grips from sliding off the handlebar

Using spraypaint and safety wire

Clean the bars with brake cleaner and make sure the bars are dry.

  • Apply a little squirt of spraypaint (any color) on the bars
  • Push the grips onto the bars while the spray paint is still wet.
  • Spin the grips a couple times which will evenly spreads paint and allow to place them where you want them.
  • Then finally wrap 2 or 3 safety wires around the grips to ensure a firm grip.

Besides using spray paint here are some aleternatives you can use: hairspray, ram tack, trim glue in a spray can and rubber cement


  • Drill a hole in the end of the grips so the air can escape, they will slide on easier.
  • If there are no holes in the grips you can also put the grips on with compressed air.
  • Put some lockwire on to stop the water getting inbetween grips and bars.
  • Carb cleaner works too but is not recommended. It slightly melts the rubber grips then glues itself to the bars. You could end up failing the install and ruining the grips in the end.

Using brake cleaner

The brake cleaner evaporates quickly, but when wet it works like a lube. That is why you can use it for intalling grips.

Since brake cleaner evaporates quickly, work fast:

  • Clean the bars with brake cleaner and make sure the bars are dry.
  • Quickly apply brake cleaner onto the bars again.
  • Quickly apply brake cleaner inside the grips as well.
  • Slide the grip onto the handlebars and spin it into position.
  • Then just leave it to set for 5 minutes. When you come back you will see you will not be able to spin the grips...
  • Finally, you can use safety wire (handle bar grip wire) again if preferred.

Remember to work fast though. If you mess about and get the grip on halfway, you might have to cut them off the handlebars.

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